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Rapala is a leading fishing tackle company and the global market leader in fishing lures, rods, reels, treble hooks and fishing related knives and tools. Rapala has you covered, from freshwater to saltwater and every lake, stream, river and shore along the way. Whether you are fishing for bass, walleye, muskie, pike, trout, salmon, whitefish, catfish or crappie you can always count on Rapala. More

Canadian Sportfishing

The Canadian Sportfishing Television Series with Celebrity host Italo Labignan can be seen 52 weeks of the year. The series has captured the outdoor hearts (and viewing time) of Canadians for years, and continues to dominate the market today. More

U Find Fish

UFindFish is the ultimate, one-and-only fishermen's companion that allows anglers throughout the world to find fishing Hot Spots submitted by real fishing pros and other anglers from around the globe. UFindFish lets you search Hot Spots in lakes near you or from afar utilizing GPS, or search any body of water using the state-of-the-art Google Maps interface. You can create and track your own fishing Hot Spots and either keep them private for your own use or share them with other anglers within the UFindFish community. You can also submit questions and get answers from real fishing pros, access informative fishing tips, and even view/share YouTube fishing videos that will be updated regularly. More

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  • We had two great days fishing with Niagara Fishing Adventures on both the Niagara River and Lake Ontario catching a wide variety of species including Salmon and Trout. Aldo is a fantastic guide and teacher.
    Neil & Amreeta